"PLAYBOOK has changed the way we work. My team is empowered. We were up and running with software and a whole new way of working in three weeks." - - Senior Executive, Medical Devices Company

Critical Chain is visible
Taking your manual project boards electronic is critical to increasing project velocity. The critical chain is visible, resource loading across the enterprise is clear, work is accessible to remote offices and the impact of project changes on the schedule and resources can be seen immediately.

Early, actionable feedback
PLAYBOOK ensures that risks and opportunities to move the project forward are visible to the entire team. Early learning is supported to decisions like where to place critical resources are made daily to keep the project moving forward.

Priority tasks are clear across the enterprise
With PLAYBOOK each product development team member can see their individual tasks project by project.  Their priority tasks are viewable to the team, to management and across the enterprise.

Distributed planning
PLAYBOOK supports distributed planning so that the people doing the work can plan the work. Project teams create accurate plans together. Teams are empowered because they own the plan and can make adjustments quickly.

Launch in 3 weeks
Software As A Service, PLAYBOOK is inexpensive and quick to implement. Teams can be up and running with a new way of working and software that supports the PLAYBOOK process in less than three weeks.

Support and training
We are here to support and train you on PLAYBOOK software and methods so you can play to win. Get training and support >>

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PLAYBOOK provides a world-class playing field so your team can focus on innovation - value - the fun stuff.

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