PROVEN Lean, Agile and Flow new product development project management software delivering new products such as medical devices and other hardware NPD initiatives, faster.
"When have you ever seen a product development project management software tool that people are asking to use?" - - Senior Executive, Medical Devices Company

Pregame Planning
PLAYBOOK lean, agile and flow principles enable new product development project teams to scout for opportunities and risks. The team reacts as new information is made visible to everyone.

Focus on Priorities and Clearing Roadblocks
Playbook ensures that the point of attack  and individual priorities are clear to all and critical resources can be easily deployed to keep the ball moving.

A Birds Eye View of the Plan
With PLAYBOOK each product development team member can see the whole field from the press box allowing them to make the best calls about what to work on next.

Chalk Talk - Rolling Wave Planning
At halftime it is important to make larger adjustments. PLAYBOOK incorporates halftime chalk talks so that the project team is audible ready for the next half.

Daily Huddles
New product development team players are briefed on individual assignments daily and how they can support their teammates and move the project forward. Teams are motivated. They understand the ‘why', every play, every day.

Support and training
We are here to support and train you on PLAYBOOK software and methods so you can play to win. Get training and support >>

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PLAYBOOK provides a world-class playing field so your team can focus on innovation - value - the fun stuff.

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